Registration & Participation Guidelines

Expressing Science through Art

The OWSD Mauritius Chapter in collaboration with Carpe Diem Art Therapy NGO is organising an Art event to encourage artists and scientists to express their understanding of science through artwork. The Art event includes an Art competition and an exhibition/workshop to share thoughts about the interconnectedness between art and science. Guidelines for the art competition are given below.

Guidelines for the Art Competition


  1. Patterns in Nature
  2. Covid 19 Impacts on Nature


  1. Open to the Mauritians and all nationalities across borders
  2. Age groups :

Category A : 5 to 10

Category B : 11 to 17

Category C : 18 to 24

Category D : Above 25

  1. Format: A 3 Min, A2 Max. Paper or canvas
  2. Medium: Paints, coloured pencils, oil pastels
  3. Only one artwork is allowed per participant
  4. How to participate? All participants, local and overseas, are requested to register on the following link

Once you register, you agree to the conditions of participation.

  1. Residents of Mauritius: Artwork will need to be submitted in sealed envelope with the full name, age, address, email address and phone number of the participant at the following address between 10.00 to 15.00 hrs from Monday 18th to Wednesday 20th January 2021.

Carpe Diem Art Therapy NGO
47 Rue Indépendance
Port Louis, Mauritius  (Tel: 58382237  &  59112983)

  1. Overseas participants including Rodrigues and Outer Islands: Artwork will need to be uploaded by Wednesday 20th January 2021 at 15.00 hrs on the following link with the full name, age, address, email address and phone number

Photo shots or scan copies of artworks are accepted.

  1. All art works should be accompanied by a short description not exceeding 100 words.
  2. Jury: Artwork will be assessed on the basis of creativity, originality and the proper interpretation of the theme. Decision of the jury will be final without appeal.
  3. Results: Results for winners in each category will be announced around February 2021 on the websites of the OWSD Mauritius Chapter and Carpe Diem and by email.
  4. Exhibition/Workshop/Prize giving: The exhibition and workshop will be held in February 2021
    • Prizes will be awarded to the best three (3) entries in each Category
    • Details regarding date, venue, winners and prizes will be communicated via the websites of the OWSD Mauritius Chapter and Carpe Diem and email.
    • Winners may participate in the workshop. Participants can, however, attend the exhibition which will be open to the public for viewing.
  5. : The OWSD Mauritius Chapter reserves the right to
  • exhibit the artwork submitted by participants for viewing by the public
  • make photographic representations of artwork submitted by participants
  • keep in its custody the artwork of the winners and participants
  • to sell the artwork that have been awarded for raising funds for STEM awareness activities
  1. Further enquiries can be obtained via email on

Be creative and all the best!

The greatest scientists are artists as well” (Albert Einstein)

Further enquiries can be obtained via email on

To learn about Carpe Diem NGO, please visit: