rogerWelcome to Hospitality Management Schools, your source for the best online hospitality management colleges in the U.S.  We really love traveling to unique and interesting places and meeting all kinds of new people on a regular basis.  The main writer for our site is Roger Elmore and he is always on the move checking out some new (and usually remote) places in the World.

We hope that you are here because you are interested in a rewarding and yet different career in hospitality management.  Whether you are considering hotel management or restaurant management, you will find tips and useful information on our site to help you get into this industry.  It really is a blast to be working in this industry and that is rarified air nowadays.

I’m sure you are wondering how you can get a degree and still travel right?  Okay, maybe you are struggling with working and raising a family (or just feeding yourself).  The good news is that you can get a high quality online hospitality management degree that is well respected in our industry.  All you need to do is pick one of our top schools, request more information, and get started.

Like most websites, we have a blog that is largely rants and ravings of our main writer with an occasional guest post.  We hope that you will find the articles at least interesting.

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